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Call 111 - When it is less urgent than 999


Click HERE for the link to submit an eConsult

If you are unable to complete an eConsult or require on the day treatment please call reception 02392 550220

Please give a phone number that you will be available on as the Clinician will only be able to try to contact you twice. If you know that there is a time that will not be convienent to receive a call please let us know.

We are receiving unprecedented amounts of e-consults and our clinicians are doing their best to answer all of these as soon as they are able, however we may not always be able to answer you in the timescales noted on your form.

Please DO NOT contact us unless your e-consult is 3 days overdue as it is likely that we will answer you before that time

HELP US TO HELP YOU by accessing ‘I want help for my condition’ pick the problem area and click ‘I want to help myself’ which gives current advice and 1st line treatments for many health problems or you can also try a local pharmacy for advice about a range of conditions. Please try this advice before submitting an e-consult.

If you feel your problem has become more urgent you can access NHS 111 online via NHS 111 online or telephone 111 for advice

If the Clinician needs to see you face to face they will arrange this with you and advise you on the process of attending the practice

Get The Answer Sooner

eConsult effectively reduces the time to a successful patient outcome by educating patients on how to self-manage their symptoms at home and signposting them to the most suitable services that can provide effective treatment solutions.

Capture Critical Illness Earlier

eConsults online consultation form red flags any time critical or serious medical symptoms so patients can quickly seek out the urgent care and attention they need, without compromising their health waiting for a face-to-face appointment.

Diagnosis Without Leaving Your Desk

With eConsult patients are able to have their symptoms remotely assessed by their own family GP without the need to visit the surgery in person, negating the need to take time off work or use precious holiday days for the sake of a 10-minute consultation.

Approximately a week after an e-Consultation all patients will be asked to complete a satisfaction survey, this feedback is really important to the practice and we ask all patients to complete it.

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